Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Politics in Fantasy: When Diplomacy Fails Will No-God or Evil Monkey Prevail?

Fight! Come quick, we’ve got a real-life rumble going on! Quick!
SLAM! Oooo…that’s going to leave a mark. SMACK! He didn’t just do that! SCHZAAM! What? Holy literary elitist, blogger!

Anyway, it’s fun to follow. First, author Jeff VanderMeer wrote this essay on politics in fantasy. Then author R Scott Bakker wrote this essay in response. Now the comments have moved to VanderMeer’s blog and the back-and-forth really takes off.

I haven't yet read any of VanderMeer's novels, but from reading his blog, and what little I know of Bakker, these seem like two guys who'd get along quite nicely. At some point in the exchange, it has become less about critical response on their opinions and degenerated into personal attacks (if still intellectual in nature). In short, it's a pissing contest, and while both seem to know that they should call it off, I get the sense that they are preparing for the next round on off screen.

So, being the peacemaking kind of guy I am (and since I reside in Arizona), I have the perfect solution as a self-declared moderator (not to be confused with moderation). Tequila! Yes, tequila will solve this issue once and for all. Either they will become best friends, kill each other, forget everything about this, have a fun story that begins “When I woke up in the Mexican jail…”, or just miss the toilet.

I suppose that however it turns out, it’s been an entertaining read.

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Neth said...

Well, of course it did cool down eventually, and now VanderMeer has done an interview with Bakker in his typical, unconventional way.



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