Thursday, May 25, 2006


Tomorrow I leave on vacation to wonderful Maui. I look forward to much relaxing, some golf, some diving, and more relaxing (I may even have a few drinks with umbrellas rather than my usual beer or wine). Anyway, it's very unlikely I'll post before I get back, so don't worry about a lack of posts for the next week. Look for a few reviews of books I'll read this week sometime around June 5th.


Lou Anders said...

Eat at Mama's Fish House if you get the chance.

Neth said...

We did eat at Mama's and have eaten there on previous trips, though I we have not been impressed the last few times we've been there. The service is marginal and the food doesn't distinguish itself from other places on the island that are much cheaper. We've decided that it's no longer worth the cost, though the view is still great.

Some of our favorite from this trip are:

The Plantation House
The Pineapple Grill
Sansei (great sushi)


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