Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Few Pictures From Recent Travels

Well, I've said that I'd post a few pictures from the travels, so here they are. These made the cut from the 200 hundred or so that were taken as a nice summary of the trip.

St. Goar along the Rhine in Germany from the Rheinfels castle.

The central square in Olomouc, Czech Republic. A very nice little city that is totally off the tourist map.

The Prague Castle.

The library at Strahov Monastary. A great visit - I wish I had a picture of the dodo. Oh well.


Danae said...

:) You did have a nice time, didn't you? Although there seriously should be more pictures here.

Neth said...

In between all the work, I did have a nice time - but I was very happy to finally get home.

Bahhh...It would take too much time and effort for more pictures. Those 4 are enough.


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