Thursday, March 01, 2007

Teacups, Aesthetics and Fat

Well, a couple weeks ago I jumped into this on-going debate. I pretty much stopped following it since I said what I had to say, but it has morphed a bit with this blog by Hal Duncan (even Scott Bakker came out of hiding to comment about this one), followed by this two-part take on the issue by Jonathan McCalmont. Hal has followed up once again.

It’s all very interesting (though I recommend getting very comfortable and arranging for your next three meals before attempting to read a Hal Duncan blog post – a funny look at this here); however, I don’t have anything more to add – it’s all just works, and my eyes go blurry trying to follow it right now.


Carl V. said...

Interesting...but man my head aches now! Whew, that man can present a complex argument!

Neth said...

Regardless of how intersting his posts are, I have to say 'thank god his books are easier to read than his blogs'.


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