Friday, March 21, 2008

Miscellany of Links

I have loads of work I should be doing, yet I’m bored, so naturally I’ve chosen to distract myself. This is an eclectic group of links that I’ve found interesting in the last few days – not all are SFF-related, and they contain both stuff I found positive and positively enraging. Have fun!

That’s it for now – we’ll see if this becomes a regular feature or not. There are more than enough link round-ups out there, but then this one is a bit more tailored to what I’ve found interesting in the last few days (of course, will anyone besides me care about that…).


TK42ONE said...

Well, I certainly wouldn't elect Niven to any office other than the Minister of Ignorance or something.

To the Arizona educational system, best of luck. My first thought about this bill was that any student could answer a question with "It's against my religion to answer this question...." and get away with it. Oh well. Glad I don't live there!

And salt on Mars. Does this mean there are no space slugs there?

Neth said...

The scariest thing about Niven comment is that he seems to think it's a good idea - I could see mentioning it some abusrd/extreme sort of way, but not in any seriouslness.

Well, if I were a student in a system like that with all the resources available these days (the internet), I'd have a lot of fun starting a religion and messing with teachers. And that's aside from all of the serious (and scary) aspects of such a proposal.

Space slugs remain to be seen, but it does seem to be hostile to them. I have heard that Mars as space herpes though (how many out there get that pop reference? - I show my age).

J. M. Butler said...

This is fascinating. Thanks for posting these links. Some very interesting things here, especially the table salt on Mars. Thanks for sharing!


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