Friday, May 23, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow (in May?)

So, I’m enjoying the wonderful view from my home office of a rare late-May snowstorm (a snowplow just drove by). A week and a half ago, we had about 4 inches of snow overnight. While any given year I’m told there’s a 40% chance of snow in May, it’s generally light, so 4 inches was a big deal. Now, a second storm that looks to be even bigger in the end of the month is an even bigger surprise. We had about 2 inches overnight that didn’t really stick, but we since I’ve been working this morning, another 2 inches have fallen and it’s stuck a lot more. Snow at my house is still novelty to me since I’ve really never lived in a place where it snows more than once every decade or two. Funny weather - two days earlier this week were record high temps (in the mid-80s, ~24C) and today's high temp will likely be a record low (around 40, ~4C)

Memorial Day weekend is a big camping weekend around here – I wonder how that’ll work out, especially since higher elevations have had up to a foot so far and it’s supposed to keep snowing today and tonight.

/end randomness


Larry said...

The West is a strange, strange place, it seems. It's in the 80s here and humidity is already rising :D

Neth said...

High altitude and (generally) low humidity make for interesting weather - it's fairly common for there to be a 40-50 degree difference between the low and high temp.

Carl V. said...

Wow!!! This weekend when it was 90 degrees and humid as a jungle I was wishing for snow! I am not quite ready for summer.


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