Monday, November 03, 2008

Winner of the Brent Weeks Contest

With the help of, I have the winner of a copy of the first two books in Brent Weeks’ new epic fantasy The Night Angel TrilogyThe Way of Shadows (US, UK, Canada) and Shadow’s Edge (US, UK, Canada). In the world of randomness, the winner happened to be the last entry - Luke from Fisher, Australia.

I suspect that he may have entered on November 2nd when the contest ended on the first, but it was still November 1st here in Arizona when the entry was received. I am amused by the subtle strangeness of that. Thanks again to the slight error over at Orbit that made this contest happen.

1 comment:

Luke Brown said...

Thanks again, Neth. I had a good feeling when I posted my entry, even though I was relying on the time difference. After hearing all the good words on the blogosphere I look forward to reading the books once they arrive.


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