Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Few Links for the Holidays

Of course most of these links really have nothing to do with the holidays, but it’s that time of year so I went with it. I’ll be fairly quite and mostly off-line for the holiday week, but I’ll be back in full-force in 2009 (actually it’ll likely be half-assed force, but whose keeping score).

Well, on to the links.

  • 2008 best of lists – well, I’ve been asked to participate in 4 of these, not counting the one at this blog. Each is a bit different, and each will offer a wide range of wonderful books to consider – and they aren’t always the same. BookspotCentral, SFF World, SF Signal’s Mind Meld, Wotmania. (I'll link in the others as they come on-line if I can)

  • Here’s a picture from the massive snow storm that hit us last week – kittycicle – I’m not sure my neighbor’s cat made it.*

  • And in closing, due to my Texas roots I’m a fan of Robert Earl Keen, so Merry Christmas from the Family!

    *to the best of my knowledge there isn’t actually a cat under there, but the neighbor’s cat has been strangely absent the last few days.


RobB said...

I was nattering on about Saintcrow's rants, too. In the end, her rants have the same effect on me as they did you.

Anonymous said...
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Carl V. said...

Hey Neth, I hope that you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and New Years. May it be relaxing and fun.

I look forward to reading the Best Of's and to doing my own. Can't believe it is already that time of year again.

Neth said...

Thanks Carl. Same to you.

SQT said...

I agree with you on the Saintcrow thing. If your defense boils down to trying to minimize something else to make you look better-- you weren't looking that good to begin with.


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