Thursday, July 02, 2009

Links Seeking Independence

A 3-day weekend approaches for the US and I’m sure I’ll be off-line for most of that time. So, I figure I’ll share some links that have found my eye over the past few days.

  • It shouldn’t be a surprise that some SFF authors are suffering the same sort of troubles as many around the world. Two of them have reached a point of desperation to keep food on the table that leads to inspiration – they are publishing stories on-line and asking for donations to support their efforts. If you can, do them a favor, read the stories and donate. Catherynne Valente – The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland and Tim Pratt – Bone Shop.

  • Libraries often sell books for the benefit of charity, but have problems getting the word out to people who happily give those books a home. BookSaleManager aims to make this easier.

  • Most people never realize that around the world at any given time there are some spectacular volcanic eruptions occurring. Saraychev in the Kuril Islands (part of Russia, and north of Japan) has been blowing its top off lately – messing up air travel in that part of the world and emitting enough sulfur dioxide to make sunsets look nice world-wide. Anyway, NASA caught some incredible images of the eruption a few weeks ago. Enjoy!


Carl V. said...

Those eruption shots are amazing!!! How cool would it have been to be flying over taking these shots.

Neth said...

I agree - those are spectacular


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