Monday, June 21, 2010

Burn, Burn, Burn, and a Vacation

I love living in the mountains, but it does have drawbacks (and not just stuff like 12 feet of snow in the winter). It’s fire season around here – with all the snow last winter, it was supposed to be a mild one. But a dry spring took care of that and fires are arriving in full force. It all started to hit home when on Saturday night a friend who lives a few miles away called asking if they could stay with us if they got evacuated – they were next on this list for a fire that started in town. Thankfully, they didn’t evacuate and that fire is under control. Of course yesterday afternoon another fire started around 11 am in the mountains north of town. The pictures below were taken about 3 hours after the fire started. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera when it looked like a classic mushroom cloud. Hopefully it’ll get under control soon (so far there is 0% containment), but at least it’s not threatening us and the smoke is blowing away.

Anyway, forgetting the fire, I do want to mention that the blog will be extra quite for the next week or so. I’ll be on vacation to the beaches of Western Michigan (a long haul from home) for the next week and I’m not taking a computer, work phone, etc. If I have time today I may set up a post or two for while I’m gone, but I doubt it. Expect something when I get back, but that may be further delayed by some potential work travel. We’ll see.

And on a parting and random note, R. Scott Bakker is blogging.

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Linda said...

I'm quite familiar with fires of course, even though Australia is not mountainous.

Bon voyage Ken. Enjoy and recharge.


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