Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Books Received: April 26 - May 9

Books Received: April 26 - May 9, 2011


Linda said...

So you received a little less than a book a day pretty much continually. There must be quite a gap between your book arrival rate and book reading rate.

Neth said...

It varies, but I think right now I'm averaging about a book a day. It's awesome, but daunting. Right now I'm only reading about 10% of the books that I receive - and that doesn't account for the books I've bought for myself.

And I'm always in need of more shelf space.

Hopefully once my kids get a bit older I'll have more time for reading. But I imagine they'll have to get quite a bit older before I see a real change. (not that I'm in a hurry for them to get big just yet - time just flys by).

Linda said...

Well if you've done things right, they'll have their own books to fit into the house! Good thing is that they'll also borrow yours. :)

My youngest is 18 today. House is full of books, written papers and computers.

My problem is time to read books. What with consulting, family/house, WOT and embroidery I don't have that much left over. The blog eats up my potential reading time on my commute to work.

Neth said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. I've basically cut out all other hobbies so I can read. The main reason I'm so far behind on reviews these days is that I have the choice - write a review or read and readding pretty much always wins. I was hoping that I would get some more done while travelling this week since I'd be away from the usual family responsibities - the 12-13 hour days have nixed that and it's all I can do to go through email before I crash at night.

Oh, and the kids do have there own bookshelves already that are stuffed - and I've got quite a few books waiting to join those when they get a bit older.

Maybe once the nest is fully empty you'll find some extra time - or maybe that time is taken up with all your trips to the US lately. Someday I imagine our paths will cross at those sort of events.


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