Saturday, March 24, 2012

Whisky Review: Old Pulteney 12

Single Malt

Style/Region: Highland
Age: 12
Cask Type: Oak
Alcohol: 43%

Water added: Yes
Nose: Light with a honeyed sweetness and a hint of citrus fruit. After water was added, the nose is even more light with hint of honey and apricot.
Mouth Feel: Light at first with a moderately thick feel coming on with time.
Flavor: Relatively smooth and sweet. Light tones of honey and apricot, with a slight oak and brine flavor in the back.
Finish: Lingering smooth sweetness with a hint of brine.

Overall Impressions: A nice over all drink. Nothing really distinguishes it, but it’s a very good drink for the price.


Maria said...

And any whiskey's you don't like, you can always turn into vanilla extract for cooking...

Just made a batch a few weeks ago. Since I don't drink whiskey, I find it much more useful as extract.



Neth said...

hmm...I make vanilla extract with rum and with vodka, but not whisky. I guess I should try that, though I generally consider whisky for drinking.


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