Monday, April 16, 2012

Whisky Review: Highland Park 18

Single Malt

Style/Region: Highland (Islands)
Age: 18
Cask Type: Oak
Alcohol: 43%

Water added: Yes
Nose: Light with a mix of oak and brine with a hint of vanilla sweetness. After water was added, the sweetness is more pronounced with a hint of honey and apricot.
Mouth Feel: Thick, velvet and smooth.
Flavor: Smooth and sweet. Flavors of honey and apricot, with a slight oak and brine flavor in the back. Subtle hints of smoke.
Finish: Lingering smooth sweetness with a hint of oaky brine.

Overall Impressions: A very nice drink. It’s smooth, sweet and well balanced. A fine scotch for pretty much any occasion. The Highland Park distillery is located on Orkney island, making it the furthest north distillery in Scotland – which is a fun and novel distinction that does add a bit to the drink. Highland Park whisky is a drink I come back to over and over again – it’s comfort. I only wish some the higher-end, specialty flavors were easier to find in the States.


Sascha Walter said...

Unfortunately I have never tried the 18 year old Highland Park. But the 12 year old is one of my favorite Single-Malts.

That reminds me: I am out of Highland Park, need to re-stock. :)

Neth said...

The 18-year is good. I'd not call it heads and shoulders better than the 12, but it is a nice step up.


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