Saturday, June 02, 2012

A Room With a (Spectacular) View + Update

I'm off at a conference for the next 7 days, so it'll be silence around here once things get going. At least when I travel I get reading time on the plane and such.

But, the conference is in a place I've wanted to visit for nearly 30 years - Banff in the Canadian Rockies. So far it's just as beautiful as I've always thought. Later in the week I get to hike around on a glacier (awsome!) - which is great geologist cred (I've also felt an earthquake and closely observed a volcanic eruption). And to top it off I'm staying in one of the nicest hotels in the world - Fairmont Banff Springs (did you know it's a castle?). The view is great.

The Hotel: Fairmont Banff Springs
The view to the northwest from my room
The view to the north/northeast from my room


Paul Weimer said...

I've been to Banff!. Color me extremely jealous you are there now...

Anonymous said...

Hey Neth,

Welcome to my backyard. I have lived in Calgary all my life and I sometimes take the Canadian Rockies for granted. I'm glad you had the chance to visit Banff.
As a fellow geologist I do admire mountains too!

Danielle said...

Welcome to Alberta, Canada (lifetime resident myself)! Glad you're enjoying our gorgeous Rocky Mountains - hope you have a fantastic time!

Linda said...

Wow! I'm jealous Ken! Have a great time.

Neth said...

thanks all - it was a great time.

The weather was a bit off - only 1 sunny day in 7, but I still saw some great stuff and hiking in the cold rain isn't all that bad. Of course there was quite a bit of snow the day I left, but that was more novel than anything else (and I'm rather used to unexpected snow since I live in the mountains). I also saw lots of wildlife - bears (black and grizzly), elk, big horn sheep, etc.

And the geology was excellent - we saw a few debris flow in action with all the rain.


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