Monday, November 19, 2012

SFF and Helping Those in Need

So, it’s that time of year when it’s all about getting stuff for you or others – or essentially spending money. But there are plenty of opportunities to put your money to a more charitable use, and various places around the world of SFF authors and bloggers can help you do just that. So, this post rounds up a few charitable enterprises around the SFF blogosphere that I'm aware of - there are probably more, so feel free to comment and link if you know of others. Some are big global campains and others are simply the author's themsevles in need. Please consider giving if you are able - I know money is tight for a lot of us. I know that in my own life I've had many thousands of dollars of family medical expenses, time away from work as a result, and a looming likelihood of the need to take more time off, which will impact our income. Thankfully it hasn't been anything that we can't handle, but it does make things tight. Anyway, the point is that even with all this going on I stretch for the additonal donations to those that need help more than I do and I hope that many of you can as well (and my experiences have certainly shown me that a lot of people really need help more than I do).
Patrick Rothfuss and Worldbuilders: This has become an annual tradition where Patrick Rothfuss sponsors a campaign to gain donations for Heifer International, an established charity that provides sustainable food for parts of the world that really need it. Last year the campaign raised over $310,000! The bonus – authors, publishers and various others have generously donated hundreds (perhaps even thousands) of items that can be won. Other items can be purchased (with the funds going to the cause) and there are auctions for some really special products/services. And Rothfuss hase many other goodies that unlock with increasing revenue. It’s a great cause that I happily contribute to every year now (and I've typically won books as well).
Triumph Over Tragedy: A few authors and bloggers have joined forces to create a charitable anthology to benefice the victims of superstorm Sandy. It's a great lineup and good cause.
Unfettered: edited by Shawn Speakman came about as a project to help Speakman pay off debts from a serious medical condition he has struggled with. Speakman is a bit of industry insider since he runs The Signed Page and many authors volunteered stories to help. Early inidcations had me excited so it was an anthology that I had my eye - good cause or not, it has a great lineup.
Ronald McDonald House for Neth Space: I’ll go ahead and throw this into the mix. Over the last couple of years I’ve dealt with a number of health challenges with my very young daughter. There have been multiple surgeries, hospital stays and on-going therapy. As a result, my family and I have been beneficiaries of the Ronald McDonald House of Phoenix, and as a result I plan to become essentially a life-long donor. It’s a great cause, a needed cause and one that has touched me and my family directly. So, please give if you are able to the Ronald McDonald House of Phoenix or your local Ronald McDonald House.

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