Monday, July 01, 2013


As promised, it's been a while since my last post. Of course a little while ago I did say I was going to stick with shorter, mini-reviews and then I went and posted a 2000+ word review of The Wheel of Time series. Oh well, don't get used to it. I hope to post one or two mini-reviews this week. If I don't get to them now, it'll be quite a while. Starting next week I'll be travelling almost full time for the next month. It'll be exhausting enough that I don't expect to get too much reading done (except perhaps on airplanes) and certainly not any blogging.
Below is a picture of books I've received in the last couple of months. It's a lot and there's even more considering a bunch of ebooks I've gotten. Conspicuously absent is one of the most anticipated books of this year that it seems that every other blogger already has and is reading (or spent all of last weekend reading). No worries - I'll get a copy soon and then I'll read it and promptly not review it for a long time (just like every other book I read these days).
Books Received: May 4 - July 1, 2013


Anonymous said...

That's a hefty pile of books! Sometimes it gets a little overwhelming, having so many to read and review.

Looking forward to some of your mini-reviews!

Adam Whitehead said...

REPUBLIC? I haven't seen it either, and I didn't think they'd sent them out yet?

Neth said...


Yes, they are showing up all over the US anyway. Digital copies available on NetGalley and numerous bloggers (even a few in the UK) have posted pictures of the Del Rey ARC. I've seen a lot of comments from people who have already read it, though I've avoided their initial thoughts.

Adam Whitehead said...

Hmm. Might have to see if I can swing a Del Rey ARC then. Gollancz have the ARCs ready - they posted pics of them a week ago - but they don't seem to have gone out yet.

Neth said...

Good luck. If you have NetGalley that may be the fastest way to go, but I often find it tough to get an ARC from an overseas publisher when the local publisher has them as well - you may just need to contact Gollancz direct.


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