Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Me Talk Rocket

At immense and incomprehensible sacrifice, I agreed last night to bail Rocket Talk host Justin Landon out his lack of preparation by being a last-minute, unplanned guest on the Rocket Talk Podcast (this of course is a huge exaggeration as Justin had a family emergency to deal with). Of course, I had zero time to think in advance about how I would answer the obvious questions, plus I have a nasty summer cold and was medicated up, and me being me, I also imbued a bit of whisky (purely to numb my rasping throat). Not to mention this was my first podcast. I'm fairly certain the title of this blogpost is more articulate than what I managed last night.

Oh, and then we answered questions from Twitter. Thanks guys /sacrasm

BUT, it was lots of fun. I can only hope that I didn't make too big of an idiot of myself. So, if you are inclined, have a listen. And thanks to Justin who picked me out of what must have been dozens of willing volunteers to be a last-minute sub. 

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