Friday, April 14, 2006

I am Neth, and this is my space, my realm; I exist in cyber form. While an extension of a truly corporeal being, my outlet is the internet, the blogosphere. Here I am read, here I discuss, here I criticize, here I inform, here I review; here I am.

To borrow from superhero cliché, by day I am a mild-mannered gen-exer, playing catch-up in the fast-paced, techno world; a geologist among engineers and someone who hasn’t had a decent English/literature course since high school some time in the previous century. A busy, social, yet introverted guy, this Ken is rather normal.

Some people are schitzo – sorry, the term is bi-polar now. Some have their alter-egos, doppelgangers, their evil monkeys. Ken-Neth is not this. There is no true separation; no distinct personality difference. They exist as two endpoints on an entirely connected spectrum. Is it Ken who reads in his spare time, or is it Neth? Yes. I am Ken’s inner-geek expressed, his outlet.

The cynical view is that I was created to alleviate tedium when the geologist, Ken, is chained to a computer in the office. Neth is nothing more than a waste of time. The creative bull shit artist would spin Neth into a necessary outlet for creativity that encourages the quick, logical, yet out of the box thinking that makes Ken so good at what he does. Whatever.

Neth is Neth. This is my domain – this is Neth Space.

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Anonymous said...

But who is Neth's Barby?


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