Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Conservative Freaks Get All the Press

The SFF genre seems to be suffering a real image problem right now, and we have the likes of Orson Scott Card and Michael Crichton to thank for it. Is this how the genre is really perceived by the general public? Is this image really out there? Correct me if I’m wrong, but what I would consider the best the genre has to offer to have a ‘liberal’ slant to it if you had to label it.

I’m not trying to have a political discussion, though anyone who has read enough of what I post here or at various message boards likely has a good idea about where I fall on the political spectrum, BUT I find this disturbing. Look at this article in the LA Times, or at the bullshit that Crichton has pulled lately, this essay by Card, and who can forget the objectivist ranting of Terry Goodkind (you’ll have to search that out on your own).

My gut reaction to all this: horrified, saddened, angry, darkly amused, nauseous, speechless.


Carl V. said...

Yikes! I am wishing I hadn't read these. That being said, I'm not sure that it will affect my reading of either author: I haven't read Crichton and have read some of Card. Reading this was very timely after reading Scalzi's and others conversations on politics and science fiction from the links in your newer post. Still...I feel kind of icky inside.

Neth said...

Well, I know that I don't intend to read Crichton anymore - I may read State of Fear since I was given a copy, but I fear just how much that will piss me off.

I also have no desire to read anymore Card - Ender's Game was quite good, but I'm just not interested after that essay and his latest propoganda disguised as a novel.

Anonymous said...

Card is a Democrat.

Neth said...

Card's recent rightwing ropoganda/novel and his discriminatory (to say the least) stance on homosexuality doesn't support that ascertain.


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