Sunday, December 10, 2006

NFL Network Sticks It to the Fans

I apologize for going off-topic; yes this is football related and has nothing to do with SFF.

I HATE the NFL network, or at least what the NFL has decided to do with it. In my mind the NFL is the best run major professional sports league in the US, but this really knocks them down a long way.

Does the NFL not want people to watch games? Are networks not paying them enough money? What is the point of playing games on an obscure network that almost nobody can watch?

As far as I know, to watch a game on the NFL network, you need to have satellite TV. Very few if any cable outfitters have picked up the network yet. Why? Because the network wants cable providers to pay them like they are ESPN and not a new, unproven upstart for a niche market. What’s the result – fans are cut out from watching games. Fans get pissed off (like this one), fans look at the greedy owners in the league and are completely disgusted, and the reputation and quality of the entire league goes down.

Look, I have satellite TV, but I refuse to watch the network. Now, I did break this boycott to watch for a few minutes last Thursday. And what is the quality of broadcasts? It’s even worse than the announcers for Monday night games (something I didn’t think was possible) and the quality of the product looks like it did over 10 years ago. There is absolutely no step forward, only backward.

I can only hope and plead the executives in charge pull their heads out of their asses and stop this. Let the established and accessible networks doe their jobs and televise the NFL. I hope all fans in the league join me in refusal to support this crackpot and short-sighted move of the league – don’t watch the NFL Network.

So, the big test comes next weekend when my Cowboys play Atlanta in a Saturday night game on the network. This game has big playoff indications, and I would want to watch it even if it didn’t. But I hate the NFL network and don’t want to support it in any way. I don’t know what I’ll do yet, but I do know that I hate the NFL network and consider it an insult to the fans that have helped make the NFL the league that it is.


Race said...

I've only gotten the chance to check out the NFL network a couple of times, but I really like the idea of it. As for putting games on it. Its a very logical thing for them to do. They want to put pressure on cable systems to carry it. And I'm sure its worked. However, they do need to drop the fee they are asking a bit. I do agree with that.

I am more upset with comcast. They took over TW in my area, so I was excited, because Comcasts carries the NFL network. But they decided not to show it in my area. I called to ask why and got the run around. I'm this close to dropping them, but I dont want to give up my cable internet.

Neth said...

Well, I can't agree that limiting games to the NFL network is a good idea. The network was fine when it was just re-runs, draft coverage, and a few shows. The arrogance of what they are doing is sickening.

There are several lawsuits around the country, and I hope that the network gets its ass handed to it.

It really feels odd to be rooting for the cable providers in a lawsuite - that's how fucked up the NFL network is.

RobB said...

I think my cable company (Patriot Media) is the only cable company in NJ to carry the NFL network. I haven't watched it yet, and the only time I probably will watch it is to see my Scarlet Knights in the Texas Bowl.

Go figure, its the NFL network but it will be carrying College Bowl games.


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