Monday, April 30, 2007

John Scalzi Signs My Books

This evening John Scalzi was in town as part of his book tour for The Last Colony up at The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale. As with pretty much every book signing I’ve been to, I had a good time. Scalzi is a very personable kind of guy who manages to come off quite genuine as he tells stories – stories that you don’t necessarily get the sense of being stock stories for the tour. He was very animated as he jumped from many varied subjects – how he met his wife, his first failed book tour, interpretive dance, how he missed much of college (the class part) and the old girlfriend from those days, and some actual talk about his books – pretty much the same sort of thing he blogs about sans politics. I found it interesting at just how much emphasis he puts on the opening lines to his books – I think the Scalzi writes very good opening lines, and have featured the opening line of his books in two of the reviews I’ve done.

As he signed my books we had the usual nice small talk – I mentioned the opening line thing and that I reviewed his books at FBS. He responded with recognition that I’m the Neth Space guy and complimented me on my review style. I like to think that people appreciate what I do and it was reassuring to hear Scalzi compliment me – particularly since he’s written a fair share of reviews since his movie critic days out of college.

Scalzi has rather brief post here about the event (and a more in-depth one here), with a picture. I'm in there....well half of my head and a quarter of my torso is anyway.


Roh said...

That sounds lovely - and how nice (from him as an author-person and for you as a reviewer-person and for me as a reader-who-reads-you person) that he knew you!

I've been to a few readings/signings here, and they're usually fun, though rarely as wide-ranging in content as this one seems to have been.

Glad you had a nice time! :)

Carl V. said...

Cool for you! I'm really hoping to catch him at the Heinlein convention in Kansas City later this year. I reviewed Last Colony for the Estella's Revenge site for the May issue which is up today. There's a link through today's post if you're interested.


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