Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sad News It would Seem

Well there is no official announcement, but it the rumor mill is reporting that the Science Fiction Book Club is being disbanded and their two, long-time editors are now out of a job. While I'm not a member, even I can recognize a blow to the SFF publishing world. Best of luck to all those adversely affected.

And to give a short update on goings-on around here - well, I'm just insanely busy with real life. Work is averaging 12-hour days right now and thing at home are hectic as my wife and I prepare for our first new addition to the family later this year. So, reading time is being impacted a bit. Anyway, expect my review for Brasyl sometime soon over at Scalpel and I'm about 200 pages into Acacia at the moment. I plan to read Red Seas Under Red Skies next (it's been taunting me for far too long now).


Carl V. said...

Congrats on the upcoming addition!!! :)

I just read about the SFBC elsewhere. It is really sad. I became a member for the first time last year and discovered some truly wonderful books/authors in anthologies published exclusively by them. Sad to know those kind of treasures may be no more.

Joe Sherry said...

I've been thinking about becoming a member in the next couple of years as finances finish straightening out...this is disappointing news.

Joe Sherry said...

Oh!! I just can't seem to read things well the first time. I didn't process "addition". I'm thinking: "New shelving for the library? Oh. Ohhhhh"


Neth said...

Thanks all

-Joe, while new shelving would definately be a welcome addition, this one is even more welcome and in human form (*fingers crossed*)

Carl V. said...

Couldn't you kill two birds with one stone and combine the new shelving with a place for the new edition? What better way to start brainwashing the kid into the wonder of reading than by surrounding him/her with books? ;)


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