Monday, October 01, 2007

Manga: The Complete Guide

I recently received Manga: The Complete Guide by Jason Thompson from Del Rey. I’ve never been a big comic person, and by extension, I’m not into manga – I have a busy life and I need to draw the line somewhere and comics/manga is just one place I’ve drawn that line. But, I did flip through this book a bit and found it to be a rather informative outline of manga. It seems best suited to relative newbies to manga who are looking to expand their reading into new things and the many different sub-genres of manga. I don’t know what the value would be to a full blown fan of manga, but the guide does appear to be very complete, so I imagine that it would be of good use. I also think that this book could be a tremendous resource to the informed parent looking to know more about what their kids are reading – it might be an opportunity to relate to their tastes a bit more as well a source of information for gifts and such, and it appears to be a great source for helping with figuring what manga is appropriate as you see it.


Larry said...

I received the same thing. I'm going to mail this overseas to Dunja in the next month or so to let her read/review this, since she's much, much more knowledgeable about manga than I'll ever be.

Say, did you get the Mad Magazine collection of Star Wars parodies in the mail the other day?

Neth said...

Larry, I didn't get that collection - it sounds fun. I'm not sure if it's still in the mail or just didn't get sent to me in the first place.


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