Friday, July 11, 2008

Miscellany of Links

After a wonderfully relaxing holiday weekend, here are some of the links I’ve followed with interest this week.
  • ‘Controversial’ blogger Gabe Chouinard is back on the scene with a new blog Mysterious Outposts.

  • Poll shows Obama* winning in Arizona – first polls can be very wrong and this one stands apart from the others. But, something close to 1/3 of eligible voters in Arizona didn’t live in the state when McCain was last elected to the Senate. I think that Arizona is going to be much closer than many think.

* I think that my Word spell checker is a right-wing blogger since it wants me to replace Obama with Osama.


Gabriel Chouinard said...

Hey, thanks for the link, Ken. It's interesting that your roundup almost mirrors the controversy roundup I just posted.

Neth said...

I saw that - you had a couple that I didn't and I like to try and throw in a few non-genre links since not everything is genre.

Gabe said...

I did edit to include the discussion of Asimov's. And somehow I was logged in to my old Blogger account in the comment above. Dammnit.


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