Friday, July 25, 2008

A Voice from the Past

A relatively new podcast that I discovered from the exhaustive genre round-ups provided by Matt Staggs has a new episode featuring a past interview with Robert Jordan. Reality Break has its origins in the 1990s when it was a syndicated radio broadcast for NPR and has reinvented itself as a podcast with both new and old content.

The 30-minute interview with Robert Jordan was conducted in 1994 as he was touring for the release of Lord of Chaos, the 6th book of the Wheel of Time. Incidentally, this is about the time I began reading the Wheel of Time which eventually lead to my love of genre and a presence on the internet (I was still a few years from the step to the internet at that time). In the mythos of Wheel of Time this discussion would be considered non-spoiler (even then), and really is all the more interesting (and timeless) as a result.

I certainly recommend a listen.


Cheryl said...

I found this interview to be very interesting on the level of how he crafted the books.
The system in which he works and follows his own thoughts.

Neth said...

yes, it was a very interesting and timeless interview.

Dave said...

Thanks very much for your kind words. I really appreciate it. I was a little worried how the serious RJ fans would feel about this interview.

I was highly nervous the day I talked to him and really felt in over my head. Part of the timelessness of the interview is that I just didn't feel that I had enough of a grasp of the WoT and I had to go general. I wasn't already a reader of the series and I had a week to prepare which seemed highly insufficient for material this expansive. That the interview turned out well is pretty much all due to Mr. Rigney.

Thanks again for your time and kind words.

Neth said...

well Dave, I think your relative lack of comfort with RJ's world lead to you asking questions that could stand the test of time. A bunch of plot-related questions and answers would be useless 13 years 5 books later, but the questions about his writing craft are as relevent today as they were then.

Unfortunately, I think that many serious fans will pass the interview by becuase of the lack of plot revelations and the age - that's a mistake on their part IMO.

RobB said...

I'll be downloading this when I get home, looking forward to it.

Brandon Sanderson just posted some really eloquent thoughts about WOT today.


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