Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Links to Keep You Busy

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks for me. I had two conferences, one presentation, a board of directors meeting, plus the usual work and family obligations. Throw in a car wreck (I was rear-ended - thankfully neither my son nor I was seriously hurt) and hectic really doesn’t apply anymore. At least one of the conferences was in New Orleans and that was lots of fun, in spite of missing my family quite a bit. One note – Bourbon Street really is tourist hell, thankfully I went beyond and got a better sense of the city, though I didn’t get the chance to get out to the areas devastated by Katrina – I was on the high ground.

Anyway, on to the links…

  • I’ll mention it again – FantasyBookSpot is now Bookspot Centeral. Hopefully I’ll find time to update at least some of my old links to reviews I’ve done over there now that they are dead.

  • I’ve posted it elsewhere, but it still makes me laugh (remember, I am a Geologist).

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