Thursday, October 02, 2008

Evil Seeks Evil – It Just Warms the Heart in an Election Season

The world stands at attention for the upcoming US election and the Evil League of Evil is seeking a new evil – I can’t wait to see what Whedon comes up with next.

So, without turning this into an actual election discussion, what election parodies are amusing you these days? I’m not really after SNL making fun of Palin or a YouTube video with an Obama Girl, but something more. Something like
Cthulhu for President – Why Vote for a Lesser Evil? (which will continue to live in the sidebar beyond this election). It’s the slogan that makes me laugh since it really does seem like I’m always voting for the lesser evil – screw that, maybe it is time for a superior evil (insert GWB joke if you wish).

Admittedly, I’m not on top of these sorts of things, so give me what you got. I’m still a bit bummed that Jeff VanderMeer never really got
Evil Monkey For President up and running.


Neth said...

I just saw this excellent blog for third party ticket that is clearly saving the world.

Larry said...

I'm all over that like white on rice! :P Still think Bonaduce would have made for a better VP pick, though... ;)

Neth said...

I knew you'd like the Shatner ticket.

Carl V. said...

Sing Along Blog was definitely a great deal of fun and I cannot wait for more!!!


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