Friday, October 17, 2008

Matthew Stover Answers Questions Five

Matthew Stover is at once well-known (he’s been on the NY Times Bestseller list) and obscure in the SFF world. He best known for his novels in the Star Wars Extended Universe and the novel version of Revenge of the Sith (US, UK, Canada) – though his other Star Wars books are often considered among the best out there – Shatterpoint (US, UK, Canada) – my pick for the best Star Wars book – and Traitor (US, UK, Canada). He’s less well-known for his original fiction, which is a real shame. His most prominent books of this kind are his Acts of Caine series, Heroes Die (US, UK, Canada, my review), The Blade of Tyshalle (US, UK, Canada), and the just released Caine Black Knife (US, UK, Canada).

I’m very happy that Matt took the time to answer Questions Five.

What type of protection do you recommend for genre promiscuity?

MWS: Abstinence only.

Would your Caine kill Abel?

MWS: Only if Abel really pissed him off.

The First Murder of Genesis arose, after all, from Cain's wounded vanity (God liked Abel's slaughtered ram more than Cain's harvested grains and veggies -- and who can blame Him?). The guy who spells his name with a final e, however, isn't into that kind of killing. If I may quote t'Passe of Narnen Hill, Overworld's leading expert on Caine:

"You never kill -- nor harm, nor even hurt -- merely to protect your vanity. You never have."

This is not to say that Caine wouldn't kill Abel, you understand. Just that Abel's murder wouldn't have happened over menu choices.

If Caine Black Knife were a fortune cookie, what would its fortune be?

MWS: Be careful what you wish for.

How would you interpret this fortune if were your own?

It is my own. No interpretation necessary. Another way of putting it would be to quote Tan'el Koth (because I disremember who he was quoting when he said it): "When the gods would punish us, they answer our prayers."

Why should Caine Black Knife be the next book that everyone reads?

MWS: It shouldn't. The Acts of Caine is an acquired taste; it's only for people with strong stomachs and high tolerance for moral ambiguity. People who take their violence straight, no chaser. Enjoy in moderation.


Lsrry said...

If only you could have seen the Monty Python quote - you could have asked him if he's a big Python fan! :P

Neth said...

check your NB, I think we can work something out.


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