Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Addendum: The Storm Is Coming

So, within a few hours of my previous post on The Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson (US, UK, Canada, Indiebound), Tor comes out with a newsletter dedicated to the TGS that includes new stuff. So, I’ve included it below (I didn’t include all of the link just because it would take too long).

Dear Community,

With one more week to go, we are very excited for Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson’s The Gathering Storm, Book 12 of the Wheel of Time®. We are headed towards the Last Battle!

This book would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication from Team Jordan: Robert Jordan’s amazing widow and editor Harriet McDougal, long-time friend and publisher Tom Doherty, the incomparable Maria Simons and Alan Romanczuk (to both of whom the book is dedicated), and the extraordinary Brandon Sanderson. Many others also contributed to this incredible journey (you know who you are) and deserve a special thanks.

So in this edition, you will find Tour Dates! Storm Leaders! Exclusive WoT Items! Bonus Videos! And more.

Without further ado, we kick things off with a few words from the unstoppable Team Jordan:

“To say that I’m excited about the release of The Gathering Storm is like saying Mat is a little lucky. I can’t wait!”Maria Simons

Now perhaps Elaida will stop yanking at my stole.” —Harriet McDougal

I’ll be happy when this book is released, so that the bloody dice can stop rolling around in my head!” —Alan Romanczuk

* Tom Doherty was bursting with spoilers and could not be reached for comment. As he was hurrying away, he could be heard muttering something that sounded suspiciously like, “RAFO.”

And of course…“Let the Dragon ride again on the Winds of Time.” —Brandon Sanderson

Wheel of Time® Bumper Stickers!

Something fun—pick up one of these Wheel of Time bumper stickers, available almost exclusively at any of the live events on the national tour!*

For those unable to make the events, do not fret, as there will be opportunities to win some of these online soon.

Storm Leaders!

We are pleased to introduce the inaugural Storm Leader program! Born out of the incredible WoT community that has grown for almost two decades around the world, the program has hand-selected a group of Storm Leaders in each tour city to head up community outreach and gather fellow WoT fans for the special occasion. (Remember, I'll be a Storm Leader in Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ)

This October and November 2009, say hello to your local Storm Leaders, as they will be handing out WoT material and taking photos and blogging about the events for those who couldn’t make it. You’ll recognize SLs by their TGS Storm Leader Tour™ t-shirts!

RSVP here for your local tour event.

Oh yes, and don’t miss next year’s

And some new videos:

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Joe Sherry said...

I love the Asmodean sticker!

Still don't like the Bela sticker from when I first saw it in my e-mail yesterday. It's just...

Bela is the Creator! She can't be a Darkfriend!


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