Monday, September 06, 2010

Towers of Midnight Trailer

This past weekend at DragonCon, Tor released the book trailer for Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson (Book Depository, Powell’s Books, Indiebound).

As far as book trailers go it’s pretty decent. A bit overdramatic and a bit low budget, but not bad if a bit narrow in scope. As a long-time fan of The Wheel of Time I liked it (even though I’m one of those fans that wishes Moiraine were dead and gone).

Of course after the book trailer you inevitably come to the cover art.



Wise Bass said...

I agree - that cover art sucks. Why can't we have that awesome "black with gold/silver rings" cover that Wert posted on his blog a while back?

For that matter, why do fantasy book covers suck so bad so often?

Jamie Gibbs said...

I agree about the cover art too. I much prefer the simplistic/symbolic design. The full colour 'scenic' covers annoy me a little since it puts into your mind character appearances and traits. The exception to these are Keith Parkinson's covers for the Sword of Truth novels. Most of them are sweeping landscapes, with the characters just small figures lost in the vastness of it all. Those are awesome.

As for the trailer, I found it to be excellent as far as book trailers go. It's probably the best quality and has the highest production values of any book trailer I've seen recently (if anyone knows of any better, please let me know).

BStearns said...

The trailer was pretty decent, and yes, too bad that cover art is just dreadful.

Neth said...

Well, I think that Tor is as aware as anyone at just how much the cover art for WOT sucks. And however much it sucks, it is a brand attached to the series and ultimately, Tor is wise to stick with it until the series is at an end.

The ebook covers are proof enough of Tor's awareness and I expect we'll get a nice reboot of the cover art once the series is complete. But for now we all get to keep on groaning about it and quietly thinking that at least our books will match on the shelf. And of course we should all remember that this is actually one of the better covers - yeah, it's that bad.

I was probably a bit harsh on the book trailer, mostly because I'm just not a big fan of book trailers. But I also get a bit annoyed when a book like TOM which doesn't need a trailer and doesn't really gain anything by it has the resourses spent on one. That money would go so much further for a new/mid-list or other book that could potentially gain a lot from just a bit more exposure.

Anonymous said...

The cover art rocks, you all suck, if a single image spoils your own perceptions as to how the characters may look, etc, then you really have a problem. 13 books!!! A few pieces of art? Which wins out? I suppose you think all the art in relation to the lord of the rings sucks too then? Shame.

Anonymous said...

holy, moly, anybody else feel chills?


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