Monday, September 13, 2010

What Twitter is Good For

One great aspect of using Twitter is that I can follow the thoughts of interesting authors in the SFF world. And sometimes I even get in ‘conversations’ with them. To prove to the world just how interesting these conversations can be, I give a slightly censored Twitter direct message exchange that I had with Unnamed SFF Author* a month or two ago (note: the language used quickly becomes uncivilized, to say the least).

USFFA: Those guys are losers to the extreme, ranging from conceited twats or fat babies.

Me: I agree - I wonder if my response will create a mini shitstorm, or just blow away

USFFA: If it does, don't back down. Those assheads need to be called on it.

Me: Oh, I won't back down, though I may grow dissinterested, which could appear as such.

USFFA: Either way, when people complain that sci fi isn't taken seriously, ___ is the reason why.

Me: yeah it's a group who feel that by liking SFF they forfeit any rights to be intellectuals but they like it anyway and hate themselves for it

USFFA: I think it's more that they fill a stereotype and enjoy only what they feel that stereotype should like.

Me: yeah - I think we are pretty well in agreement here.

USFFA: They are jerks.

Me: Jerkwads

USFFA: assbutts

Me: fucktards....oh boy, this going nowhere fast.

USFFA: Right. We might have to end it there.

Me: yes we should, they are jerks, jerkwads, assbuts, fucktards
So apparently Twitter is great for calling people names behind their back. I can live with that.

*Before you ask, no I won’t reveal USFFA’s identity or who/what ___ refers to.**

**Unless USFFA reveals themselves and what we were discussing.


Terez said...

I prefer to be open about it. But I admit that gets me into trouble from time to time...

Neth said...

Well, as an author USFFA shouldn't be open about - it'd be a bit bad for business.

Me, I generally don't care enough one way or another.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thanks, I'm still trying to figure out how the heck to use Twitter!
Yeah right - I'm the last author on the planet to criticize another.


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