Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Name in Actual Print (sort of)

So, apparently a comment I made in a book discussion over at the SFX Magazine Forums made into an article that Joe Abercrombie wrote about George RR Martin’s A Game of Thrones for SFX Magazine. Of course it’s my SN that gets the credit – kcf – so my name isn’t actually in print (I guess I’m not legit yet). Since it’s an actual print magazine and I don’t subscribe, I have to trust others that I said:
"Wolves, kids, incest, politics, secrets, midgets, betrayal, kings and queens, stark landscapes, past wrongs, feudal misgivings, secret keeper, rotten heirs, cold, noble knight, naive hand, vague threats from the north, dragon mother, bastard child...oh, did he just die?"
Of course I made this comment very specifically in the hopes that it would make it into the print version (shameless, I know). Anyway, I thought it was pretty sweet.

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