Wednesday, February 20, 2008

There was once a book called Escapement

Jay Lake has announced a little contest over on his livejournal for an ARC of his upcoming book, Escapement, which is a sequel of sorts to Mainspring (which I rather liked). Here are the rules:

In either a limerick or a haiku, tell me in comments why you should receive an ARC of Escapement. Props for being mad funny or over the top.
This is the sort of thing that I can’t resist – especially since it’s a book I want to read. I was forced to enter…

Call me a reviewer who likes Mainspring
What does a review by me bring
Another place for a link
But in the end I think
It’s just more excrement to fling


Larry said...

I wonder if I'd win if I could fit in a reference to Shatner? ;)

Neth said...

you're track record isn't so hot with that strategy

Larry said...

Well, I had others (including one of the winners) who thought I should have won :P

Neth said...

alas, I did not win - but then I've never claimed any skill with poetry


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