Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Link Round Up

Well the miscellany of links this time is rather short and not particularly genre related, but I hope you enjoy them anyway.

  • Forget high gas prices, the high price of hops is causing a travesty in bars around the US. The Wall Street Journal reports that bars are switching out the normal 16 oz. pint glass for a thick-bottom glass that holds only 14 oz. – the price is staying the same and customers are misled. Beer Advocate seems to be attempting to rally the troops of beer drinkers. The same article discusses a call to regulate the amount of foam head on a beer in England.

  • Dave’s Landslide Blog has been following the fascinating fate of a ‘Quake Lake’ that was formed by a large landslide blocking a river in China. A catastrophic failure that would have endangered millions of people appears to have been avoided, though an entire town was destroyed in the process (to be fair, the town was already destroyed by the earthquake itself).
  • Edit: A late addition and something that has been around for a while but is new to me - sex advice from a D&D player. Yes, that is correct and it is even more amusing than you think.

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