Friday, June 13, 2008

Oh no, not again…

Hell, by my reckoning, it’s been almost exactly 1 year since a zombie uprising nearly ended to the world. And now I wake up to find that there’s another uprising. Apparently all the zombie deaths and attempts at political reconciliation and acceptance of ‘the living-challenged’ haven’t worked. I’m positive that this is the work of zombie Dick Cheney – that guy is just evil.

We moved to the mountains, so we think that the smaller town and high-altitude air should be a good defense to hold out against this uprising. Though we’ll miss the advantage that Phoenix had of spontaneous zombie combustion when temps hit the 110 degree mark. I anticipate that some zombies will come to the mountains to escape that heat.

Last year friends and I brewed beer to pass the time while barricaded in a friend’s house, I think I’ll try that again since zombie ale was a big success.

Well, the house is barricaded now and things still seem quite – so I’m confident we’ll hold out. I just turned on the TV – I’m almost positive that John McCain is a zombie, just look at him. It seems that they aren’t satisfied with Cheney’s rein as VP and now they are trying for legitimate election to the President. Of course they are now reporting that Obama’s Kenyan relatives come from a long line of zombie killers and he was recently seen watching re-runs of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There appears to be hope.

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