Monday, June 09, 2008

A Magic of Twilight by S.L. Farrell

Well, I am actually an associate reviewer for FantasyBookSpot even though I only write about 4 reviews a year for them. My latest review for FBS is A Magic of Twilight by S.L. Farrell. Now, go and read it - it's a book that will likely appeal to many who read this blog.

Take the political intrigue of various factions of church, state, subjugated peoples of an empire, and religious heretics in a Renaissance setting and combine with magic and a well-realized fantasy setting and the result is A Magic of Twilight by S.L. Farrell, the first, yet stand-alone, volume of the Nessantico Cycle. (full review)


Robert Walker said...

Howdy, Neth. I think you meant to say that you're an associate reviewer, not review. Then again, maybe you did mean "review," in which case, you're bending my mind a bit.

Anyway, just wanted to point it out so you have a chance to fix it. Feel free to delete my comment afterwards if you want.


Carl V. said...

I had seen the cover for this book awhile back and found it so incredible that I hoped the book would live up to it. Glad to read that is it well worth picking up.

Neth said...

-robert, thanks - I'll have to make the change. Damn typos!

-Carl, I think you'll enjoy this one.


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