Monday, January 12, 2009

The Dragon Federation - A new forum for SFF book bloggers, authors, and others

Well, a couple of SFF book bloggers took an exchange on Twitter and turned it into a new forum dedicated to SFF book bloggers, authors and anyone else who is interested.

The Dragon Federation

Welcome to The Dragon Federation where SFF book bloggers and the fans that love them gather to talk, discuss and intermingle with the book blogging community.

Each blog, whose owner/author is a member of this forum, gets its own spot (if they want one) where you can meet the authors, discuss their posts and keep up to date with what is going on.

There are two restricted sections. Sword and Spacecraft Tavern for blog owners only and The Ink-Stained SFF Authors where the blog owners and SFF authors can get together and chat. Sorry, no general members allowed. We want our plans for world domination to remain secret!

There is also a chat room! You have 2 options. Click on join chat at the bottom of the forum (Home) page and it will open into a full page chatroom or you can use the smaller version on the portal page.
Neth Space has it's own space over there - so come along and help make a great idea succeed.

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