Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugural Links

Happy Inauguration Day! Here are a few links of interest that actually have nothing to do with the inauguration. Enjoy!

  • BookSpot Central has a new feature – Synergy – that is essentially another version of SF Signal’s Mind Meld. The inaugural question is long, complex and difficult to answer – so the answers are very interesting. Hopefully my answer can at least hold its own with the likes of Jay (The Bodhisattva), Tobias Buckell, Felix Gilman, K.J. Bishop, Matt Staggs, and slew of other authors, editors, reviewers and such.

  • Hal Duncan has been more active over at his blog lately. There are some interesting (and very long) posts up that discuss profanity.


felix gilman said...

pretty sure my answers were total gibberish, now that I come to look at them again, so I wouldn't worry about yours

Neth said...

well, thanks for the vote of confidence through belittling your own :)

I always enjoy it when an author stops by to comment - I hope you come back. At somepoint I plan to get a copy of your book(s) as I hear good things.


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