Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday Week Links

Well, many of us unplug from the internet around the holidays – and then quite a few us retreat back to the ‘net after (too) much time with family :). As a result, it can be slow but there are also a number interesting happenings going on. So, here are some links that I’ve busied myself with lately.

  • SFFMeta is a new website that collects reviews of SFF books. It’s a great site, though I’m not a big fan of their scoring system.


ediFanoB said...

the voting for the MORNINGSTAR over at THE DAVID GEMMELL LEGEND AWARD is open!! I know because I voted yesterday evening. In case you want vote then click Morningstar vote

Neth said...

Thanks - it was hard to find (at least for me). That website could do with some reorganization to actually say that voiting is open and point to it more directly.

Jeff C said...

Thanks for the plug. We'll have to see if SFFMeta ends up making my fantasy review index redundant. I would guess that it does, but thats ok, as long as someone has such a review compendium.

Neth said...


I did point the webmaster to your index.

If it works out, it may finally make your mind up for you on whether or not to continue :P


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