Friday, December 11, 2009

Something Completely Different

All snowed in here. The photo on the left is a snowman me and my son made after the first real snow of the year (about 4" - it was melting pretty good by the time we made the snow man). This guy survived remarkably but unhappily on the porch as he slowly sublimated away. The picture on the left is after the blizzard that came by and dumped about 2.5 feet of snow on us in 24 hours. The bump is our now drowned snow creature with about 12 inches of snow that accumulated on his head poking through.

1 comment:

Carl V. said...

Now that is some real snow! Reminds me of my childhood in Nebraska. We had a really nice snow a few days ago, but its all melted now and has left the muddy mess that always follows it. I'm hoping for more snow soon.


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