Friday, July 29, 2011

Books Received: July 16 - 29

Books Received: July 16 - 29, 2011


Justin said...

Got some winners in there, but DRAGONGIRL sounds like a spoof title.

Neth said...

yep, a typical bunch. Some real winners, a handfull of maybes and a few obvious duds. Now if I could only find the time to read.

Bibliotropic said...

Holy crap, that is a gigantic pile of books!

James said...

Saw two copies of Low Town and the first thing I thought was, "Oh, double the mediocrity." Wasn't a fan of that book, but it seems I am in the minority.

The Morgan and Grossman both interest me, even though I thought The Steel Remains fought hard just to slip slightly above mediocre and I never quite warmed up to The Magicians (it was good though).

As a big fan of Morrowind, every time I see an Elder Scrolls book, I really want to read it just to see if it manages to claw its way out of media tie-in hell and turn out half decent. Alas, I don't have the money or the patience for it.

Oh, hey, let us know how Seduce Me in Flames turns out, eh? ;)

Neth said...

@James, Low Town intrigues me and your's is the first negative opinion I've seen on it (though admittedly I haven't looked hard). It sounds good, but I'm not sure it'll rise to the top of The Stack anytime soon.

Likewise on the Morgan and Grossman, though with each I still haven't gotten around to reading the first in the respective series, so these will wait a while.

Seduce Me in Flames is the of course the book I've been waiting on most this year, I recommend holding your breath for the forthcoming review.


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