Friday, February 20, 2009

GRRM Responds

Now, I’ve generally avoided all the discussion, ranting, and vitriol that surrounds George R.R. Martin’s rate of writing. I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again – I just don’t care. There are far too many good books out there for me to get worked up about the delay of the next volume in his landmark A Song of Ice and Fire series. I’ll read the series when he finishes, until then, it can wait.

Since I apparently enjoy occasionally inflicting needless pain to my psyche, I do keep up with some of the discussion I reference above (however, I have no desire to search out the latest crap and link it here). And I also follow GRRM’s blog – so I not only saw his
latest update (which matters little to me), I saw his response to his detractors. While part of me strongly believes that Martin shouldn’t have bothered, another part of me can understand how infuriating all this likely is for him – especially since he apparently can’t take a leak without someone thinking he should be writing A Dance With Dragons.

Martin doesn’t (exactly) say FUCK YOU – he is a bit more subtle and relaxed about it,
but he certainly makes his point – Ricky Nelson style!

And I thought it was awesome! Good job George – write as you are able, finish when you’re done, and live life along the way.


RobB said...

I really think just by highlighting the points in some of the e-mails he received, George handled it very well.

ScoobinNGroovin said...

Yes, there should be no complaining. I did't mind the wait ... it needs to be done right - high quality - worthily of the series, etc. But I gotta tell ya,the audio book is atrocious! No quality control on that end.


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