Monday, February 02, 2009

Post-Game Links

I’ve lived in Arizona for 10 years now, and while I will always be a Cowboys fan I was rooting for the Cardinals last night and I’m a bit disappointed that they didn’t win – but I’m quite happy that it was a close game. Of course, I kind of like the Steelers too so I’m not too upset. Anyway, here are a few links of interest to me over the past week or so that have nothing to do with American football.

  • There has been a whole lot of discussion about George R.R. Martin’s delays in writing – my reaction, get over it people. There are far too many other good books out there to waste your time defending or attacking the speed of Martin’s writing.

  • A real-life friend of mine has just started a blog called What Kind of Beer Will They Serve on Mars. He’s a smart dude who loves to wax philosophical about things like space exploration (he works for NASA), religion, humanity, and beer.

  • As I often do, I’ll leave you with a video that’s making the rounds on blogs – Billy Dee Williams and Ewok love.

1 comment:

Carl V. said...

Congrats on making that list. I was happy to see your name on there the other day when SF Signal posted a link to it. You definitely deserve to be included!

I too was disappointed the Cards didn't pull out a miracle, but boy was that a great last quarter of football.


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