Thursday, February 26, 2009

Patrick Rothfuss on Book Two (with comics)

Things come around over and over again in the blogosphere. Lately it’s been the focus on writers and their writing schedules (or how long it takes them to write a book). It started with all the crap surrounding GRRM. I’m not going there again, I’ve said my small bit. Then John Scalzi took up the cause. Then Charlie Stross. And I’m sure others have since.

Now Patrick Rothfuss has crawled out of his cave to say his peace. I love the comic story – it made me laugh and laugh. The rest was a bit sad and hopeful at the same time – mostly though I feel it isn’t something an author should feel the need to do. Anyway, that’s not the point – the real point is that you should go and read Pat’s blog post and enjoy the comic rendition of fan response.


TK42ONE said...

I just finished reading his post and I'm not surprised. I think he's been on that rollercoaster ride of "making it" for a bit now and had to finally get back to his trade so he could force himself to write more.

Personally, I could care less when the book comes out, as long as it comes out. I've only read one series that never get past the first book and it was utterly depressing. Still is depressing after nearly 20 years.

Neth said...

I'm with you - I'm much more interested in the book being good than it being released too soon. Rothfuss has had a tough go at it over the past few years and it's taken him time to adjust. I'm just happy to hear that he's gotten his feet back under him.


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