Friday, February 20, 2009

Just Who Do You Think I Am?

So, when you read this blog, is your impression that it is part of the ‘Conservative Blogosphere’?

As the one writing this blog, I would say no.

But apparently I’m wrong.

When I saw this the other day, I had a huge variety of mixed reactions. At this point amused is winning out, but other notable reactions include baffled, annoyed, curious, and even a bit offended. While, I wouldn’t say that I wear my politics on my sleeve around here, I don’t shy away either. I’m guessing that my blog wasn’t read all that closely by whoever set up the feed.

Anyway, I good laugh out of it.*

EDIT: It appears that the editors of NetRightNation have removed the RSS feed linked above (it now takes you to a different blog), thus kicking me out of the Conservative Blogosphere. I feel strangely proud to be able to say that I was kicked out. Can I at least get a medal or something?

*And perhaps this is grounds for entry to the Evil League of Evil ;)

1 comment:

ediFanoB said...

Ken, I was really surprised. You and conservative?? That doesn't fit together.



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