Friday, November 08, 2013

Think You Know So Much? I'm only Mostly Dead

Since I actually bothered to look at the blog today, I figured I'd give you all a bit of update. Yes, it's been quite around here lately with only 1-2 posts per month. Let's just say work, home life and everything in between and around have conspired to sap my enthusiasm for blogging in my few free hours per week and the simple truth is that will probably continue for the foreseeable future. I have a few reviews that I plan to do, but those will probably trickle out pretty slowly over the next month or two. But I am conspiring (I like this word today) with another blogger to bring about some potentially interesting content here. Stay tuned for it. I am still around on Twitter most days, so I'm not completely silent.

Anyway, so expect more of the same, though I do hope my enthusiasm will reappear soon. I even took a break from reading at all for nearly a month. I suppose I could take a picture with the stacks of books I've received since I posted the last one. But I don't even have the energy for that and those posts were mostly filler anyway.

Anyway, here's to more of the same and to blave!


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