Sunday, October 12, 2014

I'm Not Dead Yet

So, as I periodically do around here, I feel the need to check in, say I'm not dead and apologize (for what it isn't worth) for the lack of content. It's the same old story - life is just crazy. Work is a bit more stressful than usual, I've just become the President of a major professional society, I have a wife with a busy (and getting busier) career, 2 small kids, and September-November is always insanely busy (I'm out of town for ~4 weeks during that period, my son, daughter and wife all have birthdays, there's my anniversary, fall soccer season, ballet, Halloween, Thanksgiving, a few other Federal holidays, and yet I still think that I should be able to sleep at some point.

As you've all figured out, that means there's very little time for things like blogging. Throw in that bit where I'm now President of a major professional society, and one of my goals as President is to increase the Association's footprint in social media (so, I'm tweeting and blogging elsewhere), I have even less time. The simple truth is that I expect it to be this way for the next year. I will still review (I have several partially written) and I'll still be somewhat active on Twitter, but both will be a bit less over the coming months.

And of course there's all the travel. Last month I was in Italy for 8 days, then the next week was another conference (in Arizona) for 8 days. This week I leave for a 10-day trip where I hit California (Oakland, San Francisco, and Sacramento) and Vancouver, BC. Fun, but my schedule is packed.

So...Ciao for now. I'm sure that genre won't go and do anything silly while I'm not paying attention.


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