Monday, July 03, 2006

I Wish I Said That

Sometimes, you close a book with the distinct feeling that you'll only truly get it if you read it again, preferably right away. Of course you don't, since there are twenty other books waiting. So, you tell yourself, you'll save it for a time when you'll be able to truly appreciate it.

Some time later, you're about to write a review, and you still didn't get the time for a second reading. And you know that, while there are a thousand things you want to say about this book, you'll probably miss the most important one, since you don't know it yet.
Jakob Schmidt, a review at SF Site

I won’t pretend that I’m a particularly talented reviewer, so generally when someone says something better than I do (a rather common occurrence), I just move right on. But the above quote hit me – this is appropriate so often that I wish I’d said it first; it can be said of many of the best books that I’ve read.

The two books that I’ve read lately that jumped into my mind are
Kafka on the Shore and to a slightly lesser extent, City of Saints and Madmen. What comes to mind when you read it?

On a related note, this is yet another reason why I simply must read
Vellum soon.

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