Monday, September 18, 2006

On-Line Reviews – The Endless Debate

Well Gabe Chouinard has brought up the rather common discussion/debate about the quality of on-line reviews versus true criticism of a book. This discussion has taken many forms that I’ve participated in the last few months, and Gabe has nothing to say I haven’t seen before. In fact, I agree with much of what he says, but defend myself by saying I’m not writing true critique here, nor do I want to. This post describes in more detail what I intend my reviews to be.

So, for some fun reading here are a few discussions on reviews worth reading.

EDIT: Rob Bedford at SFFWorld is brought into the discussion, Gabe reviews his review and then calls me out.

EDIT2: It keeps going - Pat ways in at the Fantasy Hotlist and Gabe adds a bit more. I ask people at wotmania OF what they want in a review.

EDIT3: Discussion at SFF World and Jay shows that he truly is The Bodhisattva.

EDIT4: Are we flogging a dead horse? Author Paul S. Kemp chimes in and some discussion at Fantasybookspot.

EDIT 5: Probably my final edit since I'm leaving for a vacation in a day, but here are the latest add-ons:Jason Lundberg with a lengthy response, John McCalmont, and Chekhov's Mistress.

FINAL EDIT (Oct. 18, 2006): In honor of Pat not letting go....


Patrick said...

It's Fantasy Hotlist, but who cares!?!;-)

Neth said...

I suppose I deserved that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping up with this. Lots of good reactions all over the place. Good.

Anonymous said...

and some sorry ones like from that ignorant Jay Tomio.

Neth said...

I'm always trying to warn people off that Jay Tomio guy - the internet will let anyone post...anyone

It's been a fun discussion to keep track of, though I am tiring of it - I suppose I've said my piece/peace and will kick back and watch now.


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