Monday, August 27, 2007

Jay Lake Answers Questions 5

Jay Lake is a prolific short fiction writer and has written several novels including Trial of Flowers. His first wide-release novel, Mainspring (my review), was published by Tor in June. He was winner of the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer in 2004 and is a multiple Hugo and Nebula nominee.

I’m very pleased that he took time to answer
Questions Five.

It’s Hawaiian shirt day – does Mainspring come dressed for the occasion?

JL: Naturally. One has to present one's best, even when one is 9 inches tall and basically flat. Mainspring has its shirts tailored in Thailand, just as I do, but with more clockwork and airship themed fabrics. Frankly, the book has more taste than I do.

If Mainspring were a fortune cookie, what would its fortune be?

JL: "You will reach unexpected heights before you can finally unwind."

Or possibly...

"Reply hazy, try again later."

How would you interpret this fortune if were your own?

JL: Probably as a warning that I'm likely to drive the Genre car off a cliff or over a bridge railing. I don't aspire to being 9 inches tall and basically flat, personally.

What other peculiar qualities of Mainspring should readers be aware of?

JL: It likes long walks on the Wall, and refreshingly saltwater-and-chipotle gargles. It's also remarkably fond of old Flash Gordon reruns and 19th century Boy's Own adventures.

Why should Mainspring be the next book that everyone reads?

JL: Because of the incredibly cool cover with the airship and the feral angel! In fact, I think everyone should carry copies of the book with them at all times, faced outward so that we all might know one another by this sign.

Also, it would make my publisher happy.


Carl V. Anderson said...

Great review! And he's right there, your review and the Martinierre cover sold me on it! Have you seen the image for the sequel over at Irene Gallo's site? It is amazing!!!

Carl V. Anderson said...

OOps, I meant great "interview"... ;)

Neth said...

I have seen that cover and it is very nice. I look forward to getting that book.


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